About Us

Standard IT Services AND TRAINING as ASHRAAF TECHNOLOGIES was founded in 2004. The Company has realized exponential growth by offering a basic, dynamic IT services and training subsidized by quality and affordable IT services solution.

As a result ASHRAAF TECHNOLOGIES grew to become one of Nigeria’s independent IT Services Provider . Today, ASHRAAF TECHNOLOGIES has established a Nation-wide reputation as one of the company-leading provider of IT Services for large, small businesses and individuals. ASHRAAF TECHNOLOGIES web server is serviced by an Indian company which in effect means we are technically and financially successful.

We demonstrate to our loyal customers and students each day our commitment to provide the best services available in the market — without exception. Our mix of superior technology in terms of IT services and Training has helped us build a base of customers and successful trainees who refer their friends and associates to ASHRAAF TECHNOLOGIES always.



Our Services

Software Development


We equip enterprises with customized software applications that helps them track and manage various processes within the organization and foster interoperability among independent applications through application integration and finally optimize resource utilization for better productivity/process outcome.

Web Programming


A strategically built website is a perfect vehicle for communication, an effective interface between the enterprise, its vendors and the customer and also a virtual office space with predefined functions and tasks. We develop website of any kind.

Mobile Apps Development


We create and develop mobile app of any kind being windows, android, IOS and etc.

Our PortFolio

Result Computing Apps

This is an already made online application, tested and currently gaining large usage in most higher institutions.

Online Pharmaceutical Apps

This app is powered to enhance the working effective of most pharmaceutical fields by automating the inflows of their product in an international standard.

Online Multilevel Marketing Apps

This is a special platform designed to promote the levels of customers network hierarchy in business product circulation.

Online Haulage Services Apps

This is an offline app, incorporated with an online centralized database in order to track the goods delivery of companies logistics.

Online School Management Apps

This is an application majorly equiped to speed up schools manual mode of operation to modern I.T operational services.

Online Filling Station Apps

This is a comprehensive app designed to simplify and to enhance ancient mode of operation in most filling stations to standard and computerized operations.

Bursary Department Software

This is customized accounting software designed to compute daily, monthly, annual report of fee payment in most financial institution.

Factory Control Software

This is a software designed for conglomeratary companies in order to simplify and to give regular report from each divisions.

Customized Company Apps

If you have an idea that you are trying to implement as an application both online or offline. We can easily pick it up for immediate execution process.